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Fairfield Electric Awards $300,000 to Kershaw County

January 30, 2018

Lauren Reeder
Kershaw County Economic Development

KERSHAW COUNTY, SC – Fairfield Electric Cooperative awarded $300,000 in licenses fee credit funds to Kershaw County to continue the development of Heritage Pointe Industrial Park and the construction of the park’s first speculative building.

At the January 23, 2018 Kershaw County Council meeting, Economic Development Director Peggy McLean publicly thanked Fairfield Electric President and CEO, Bill Hart, for his company’s generous donation and their continual support to Kershaw County.

“We are extremely grateful to Fairfield Electric Cooperative,” stated McLean. “These funds will be used to further develop The Heritage Pointe Industrial Park – improving our marketability to prospective companies.”

Kershaw County Council Chairman Julian Burns thanked Bill Hart and his team commenting “This is awesome. Fairfield Electric’s partnership is one that plays an important role in the growth of our community. We are deeply thankful for their vested interest and support as we continue to move Kershaw County forward.”

“Our relationship with Kershaw County is one we are proud of,” said Bill Hart. “We pledge to continue to provide reliable and cost-effective electric service to our Kershaw County customers and look forward to being a part of this community’s future.”


Fairfield Electric Cooperative serves more than 28,500 customers in Kershaw, Fairfield, Richland, Chester, and York Counties and is one of 20 electric cooperatives in South Carolina. Together these cooperatives serve more than 750,000 customers in all 46 counties within the state.


Through The South Carolina Rural Development Act of 1996, the state’s cooperatives are allowed to provide funds for infrastructure improvements within industrial parks they serve. Allowable expenditures include water, wastewater, roadway improvements, land acquisition, and speculative building construction.

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"We've proven that Kershaw County is indeed Open for Business! Our County's recent commitment of $17 million to improve our industrial parks and sites shows that we are eager to welcome new industry and support their success. Because we continue to invest in ourselves, we continue to grow."
-- Julian Burns - Kershaw County Council Chairman