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November 14, 2017

Chronicle-Independent Newspaper

On November 6, the GE Appliances' (GEA) (formerly Haier America) manufacturing facility in Camden started second shift production, following a $31 million investment, creating 100 new jobs to bring employment at the plant to 360.

After Haier's acquisition of General Electric's Company's appliance business last year, Haier restructured its U.S. operations such that GE Appliances assumed responsibility for Haier America's refrigeration production facility in Camden.

The integration of the Camden facility into GE Appliances' manufacturing network provided additional production capactity for the newly-integrated business. 

In May, the Camden plant increased production when it started making GE branded, top freezer, 21-cubic-foot refrigerators. High consumer demand has created the need to once again expand production at Camden to produce a new, 18-cubic-foot, top freezer refrigerator, prompting the need for a second shift. 

"The added production of the GE branded products is a great vote of confidence in our employees and capabilities from GEA and Haier," Plant Manager Frank Scheffel said. "We are excited about the opportunity to delight consumers with these new products."

The new top freezer refrigerators Camden is producing will help GEA supply these popular sizes to retailers across the country. The new, 18-cubic-foot, top freezer refrigerator has a high-gloss finish, LED lighting and will be on retailer's floors later this month. 

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"Kershaw County has a wonderful manufacturing base because we have a 'manufacturing attitude' about us. We are well-positioned for industry with convenient availability to land, sea, and air access to U.S. and world markets. Companies can look forward to a growing workforce to keep pace with their own growth."
-- Peggy McLean - Kershaw County Economic Development Director