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Kershaw County School District Graduates’ Scholarship Totals at Highest Ever

August 8, 2018

Mary Anne Byrd, APR
Communications Director
Kershaw County School District

Kershaw County School District (KCSD)’s 681 graduates in the Class of 2018 earned more than $14 million—the highest overall scholarship total and greatest per pupil amount ever.

“This is outstanding news for our students and their families,” said KCSD Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins.  “In addition to seeing student academic success rewarded, this speaks well of the resources that our families are able to take advantage of in order to provide higher education opportunities for their children."  

Robbins noted that the 2018 four-year per student amount was more than $20,600 as compared to the 2017 figure of $18,500. Five years ago, 655 students earned approximately $6.6 million for a four-year per student amount of $10,127. Looking back ten years ago, the total scholarship amount was a little less than $5.2 million for 561 students with only a little more than $9,200 as the four-year total per student. 

Robbins said that the Central Carolina Scholars program providing free tuition for Kershaw County graduates who meet certain criteria has provided higher education opportunities for numerous students who otherwise would not be able to attend college.  “This scholarship program was part of the presentation that helped Kershaw County receive the All-America City designation,” said Robbins.  “It is a model for other communities around the nation.” 

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"The new Mechatronics Program at Central Carolina Technical College's Kershaw County Campus will help us meet one of the most significant needs of our industries today -- the industrial maintenance technician. Graduates will be well prepared to perform a critical role in the modern, automated workplace found in today's manufacturing plants. This is essential for the continued success of our local industries and broadens the opportunities of our students."
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