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Over 200 8th Grade Students Attend The 8th Grade Manufacturing Expo

December 19, 2018

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Lauren Branham Reeder



Kershaw County, SC – Earlier last month, over 200 eighth graders, from all four Kershaw County Middle Schools, attended The 8th Grade Manufacturing Expo. The expo introduced students to local manufacturing and trade companies while opening their minds to new career opportunities.

“It was so exciting to see our newly expanded Central Carolina Campus filled with energetic eighth graders,” stated Peggy McLean, Kershaw County Economic Development Director. “When you hear comments from students that they are not ready to leave then you know you’ve made an impact.”

Hosted by The South Carolina Department of Commerce, The Kershaw County School District, and The Kershaw County Economic Development Office, the expo also partnered with Central Carolina Technical College (CCTC) and The Applied Technical Education Campus (ATEC) to show students the educational pathways for manufacturing and trade careers.

“As we place more emphasis on improving students' STEM skills, this expo provides our eighth graders with hand-on experiences to see the importance of these skills in local work environments,” said Dr. Shane Robbins, Kershaw County School District Superintendent. “We appreciate these community partners providing this meaningful opportunity for our students.”

During the event, eighth graders experienced hands-on demonstrations and interactive displays by local manufacturing and trade companies. Participating companies included:

Hengst of North America
Cogsdill Tooling Products
Canfor Southern Pine
Oak Mitsui
Fairfield Electric Cooperative
Black River Electric Cooperative
City of Camden Police Department

“It is wonderful to see where the future of the economy and education meet,” stated Dr. Michael Mikota, Central Carolina Technical College President. “The college is excited to provide the space and opportunity for all the eighth graders and citizens of Kershaw County to take advantage of Central Carolina Technical College and participate in tomorrow’s economy.”

Major sponsors include Duke Energy, Black River Electric Cooperative, and Fairfield Electric Cooperative. The event also brought together volunteers from across the county to include Kershaw County Chairman Julian Burns, Executive Director Amy Kinard with the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce, Kershaw County Parks and Recreation, Central Carolina Technical College, and The Kershaw County School District.


“Pneumatics uses air to move products.”
“Friction = Heat and you don’t want heat in an engine.”
“You can make money going to a two-year college.”
“You can make copper as thin as tissue paper.”
“The little black pebbles become plastic.”
“I learned about hydraulics and making carpet.”
“I love this place so much!”
“I learned that every job has unique interests.”
“Welding makes a lot of money.”
“Technology jobs are in high demand in South Carolina.”
“Get a good job. Get a lot of money.”
“I learned how to do CPR.”
“Girls are better at welding than boys.”


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"Kershaw County has a wonderful manufacturing base because we have a 'manufacturing attitude' about us. We are well-positioned for industry with convenient availability to land, sea, and air access to U.S. and world markets. Companies can look forward to a growing workforce to keep pace with their own growth."
-- Peggy McLean - Kershaw County Economic Development Director