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WeylChem to Invest $13M in Elgin Plant

April 24, 2017

Columbia Regional Business Report
Staff Writer

WeylChem U.S. Inc., a provider of custom manufacturing and tolling services, as well as advanced intermediates and reagents, will invest more than $13 million in 2017 to expand the activities at its Elgin facility. The company will expand the production capabilities at the site as a result of a new, large, and long-term, customer tolling project. In addition, the site infrastructure and existing equipment will be improved to enable the company to better serve the chemical industry and all customers, according to a press release. Work will commence in the second quarter and should be completed by the end of 2017. 

"This is an extremely significant investment for WeylChem U.S., highlighting our commitment to growth, business diversification, our continuous drive for improved performance and, most importantly, customer satisfaction," said Philippe Robin, CEO of WeylChem U.S.

The investment in the Elgin site occurs in the year that the company celebrates 50 years of operation at their facility.

"Our goal is to be our partners' number one choice, both now and in the future, and this investment greatly helps us in achieving that," said Rob Harpum, Commerical Director for the Americas.

WeylChem-US is part of the WeylChem group of companies, a platform of chemical companies owned by the International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG). The company specializes in developing and producing products in partnership with chemical companies from a variety of industries, including agriculture, specialty chemicals, polymers and pharmaceuticals.

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