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WORKFORCE INSIGHT: Top Notch Training Programs

South Carolina and Kershaw County are committed to providing workers that are ready from day one of production.

South Carolina and Kershaw County are committed to providing workers that are ready from day one of production.

We do this through our readySC™ program - one of America’s oldest and most experienced workforce training programs. Established in 1961, readySC provides employee recruitment, assessment, training development, management and implementation services at little or no cost to qualifying corporations. The program has helped hundreds of thousands of people, including over 4,600 in Kershaw County, master the skills they need to be productive employees and contribute to the success of our companies.

Kershaw County and Central Carolina Technical College are expanding their partnership with readySC™ by constructing new classroom and training facilities. The planned space will include flexible space for industry training and instruction. 

Kershaw County is also a Work Ready Community, which certifies workforce quality based on WorkKeys® assessments. We also feature Regional Workforce Advisors who are charged with ensuring that South Carolina’s workforce continues to be one of the best in the USA by bridging the gap between industry and educators.  Our goal is to ensure our companies are staffed by the best, brightest, and most talented workers.  


Kershaw County, SC Advantages

Kershaw County has decades of success in workforce training.

  • Work Ready Community Initiative is based on four criteria: High school graduation, soft skills development, business support and certification
  • Career Readiness Certification provides skill documentation accepted nationwide
  • WorkKeys® assessments measure skills critical to on-the-job success: 1) Applied Mathematics, 2) Locating Information, 3) Reading for Information.
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"When Suominen was choosing where to locate in 2011, there were three sites we were looking at and one factor was the cost of doing business and the business-friendly environment in Kershaw County. The Kershaw County Economic Development Office went out of their way to work with our management team working as an intermediary with the state; providing a fast turnaround and a clear desire to want us to come their community. In 2015, Suominen expanded our Kershaw County operation by adding 25 new jobs and $55.5 million in capital investment. "
-- Darryl Fournier, Plant Manager for Suominen Nonwovens