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WORKFORCE INSIGHT: Top Notch Training Programs

South Carolina and Kershaw County are committed to providing workers that are ready from day one of production.

South Carolina and Kershaw County are committed to providing workers that are ready from day one of production.

 Established in 1961, readySC™ is one of America’s oldest and most experienced workforce training programs. The program assists qualified employers with recruitment, curriculum development and training, instructors, training sites, and project management at little or no cost to companies. Over 289,000 workers have been trained through readySC - including over 4,600 in Kershaw County. readySC has worked with many industries in Kershaw County including:




Kershaw County and Central Carolina Technical College expanded their partnership in January 2018 with readySC™ by constructing new classroom and training facilities. The planned space will include flexible space for industry training and instruction. 

Kershaw County is also a certified as a Work Ready Community through WorkReadySC. WorkReadySC is an employee credentialing program based on the ACT WorkKeys® assessment tool that focuses on core job skills such as communication, interpersonal skills, and problem solving. The assessment is used in creating job profiles, in measuring skill levels of job applicants, and in identifying skill gaps of the existing and potential workforce. Participants must take and pass tests in applied math, reading or information comprehension, and locating information in order to earn the WorkReady SC Career Readiness Certificate.

We also feature Regional Workforce Advisors who are charged with ensuring that South Carolina’s workforce continues to be one of the best in the USA by bridging the gap between industry and educators.  Our goal is to ensure our companies are staffed by the best, brightest, and most talented workers.  

Kershaw County, SC Advantages

Kershaw County has decades of success in workforce training.

  • readySC is one of the premier training programs in the nation - over 289,000 workers have been trained in South Carolina including over 4,600 in Kershaw County
  • Kershaw County is a certified Work Ready Community - proving our community has the skilled workforce needed in manufacturing today.
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"Since its inception, readySC has been a key component of South Carolina's economic development efforts and is recognized nationally as the premier program of its kind. Over the years, the level and complexity of skills required by companies have changed, but readySC's overall goal has remained constant. We make certain our client organizations - large or small - have the right people with the right knowledge, skills, and abilities in place at the right time for a quick and successful start-up or expansion. Our strategy works. Over the past 50 years, readySC has trained more than 280,000 South Carolinians for jobs in our state for over 2,000 different companies."
-- Jim Shrift, readySC Area Director