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Kershaw County and the surrounding region are fast growing - over 18% over the last decade.  That means industries have a rich labor pool of skilled workers to draw from to meet their employment needs.  That’s good news for growing companies – today and in the future. 

The good news continues as South Carolina is right-to-work and employment-at-will, and Kershaw County features a low unionization rate of 1.0%.  Our workers will work with you to meet the challenges and opportunities faced in today’s every changing global markets. 

Population within Drive Time  
30 minutes 221,292
45 minutes 638,564
60 minutes 1,004,738
Source: Central SC Alliance Kershaw County Market Profile 2015  


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Excellent labor force skills.

"When Suominen was choosing where to locate in 2011, there were three sites we were looking at and one factor was the cost of doing business and the business-friendly environment in Kershaw County. The Kershaw County Economic Development Office went out of their way to work with our management team working as an intermediary with the state; providing a fast turnaround and a clear desire to want us to come their community. In 2015, Suominen expanded our Kershaw County operation by adding 25 new jobs and $55.5 million in capital investment. "
-- Darryl Fournier, Plant Manager for Suominen Nonwovens