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Kershaw County Council approves economic development bonds

October 29, 2015

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Lauren Reeder
Kershaw County, SC – Kershaw County Council approved the issuance of up to $17 million in bonds for economic development projects at its recent Council Meeting. The bonds will be used to improve the county’s industrial product. Projects include:
Steeplechase Industrial Park – road extension within park, signage at US 521 & Black River Road, 75,000 square foot spec building, and Phase II and III road improvements
Steeplechase Industrial Park at CCTC – clearing and grading of 11 acre tract
Heritage Pointe Industrial Park – clearing and grading of parcels and 50,000 square foot spec building
Governor’s Hill Industrial Park – signage at Mt. Olivet Entrance, development of pad ready site at SW corner of the property, 75,000 square foot spec building, and improvements to the interior road
"This bond is an investment in Kershaw County: one that pays dividends through capital investment and job creation for years to come.  We will make more such investments in our infrastructure as well as in the preparing of a trained, ready and able workforce, all in order to attract, keep and grow industry in Kershaw County."
- Julian Burns, Kershaw County Council Chairman
“This is an exciting time for economic development in Kershaw County. The improvements to our industrial sites and parks will provide Kershaw County with a more attractive industrial portfolio for prospective companies looking to establish new operations.” 
- Vic Carpenter, Kershaw County Administrator
“The passing of these bonds by Kershaw County Council is the first step toward making our industrial product more competitive. It will be a lengthy process, but we are eager to get started and grateful to County Council for making this investment in our community.”
- Peggy McLean, Kershaw County Economic Development Director
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