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Population Growth

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Commuting Patterns

Commuting patterns chart


 Drive Time Population   

Drive Time Population chart        

Source:  Department of Employment Workforce and Central SC Alliance 


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Kershaw County and the surrounding region are fast growing - over 18% over the last decade.  That means industries have a rich labor pool of skilled workers to draw from to meet their employment needs.  That’s good news for growing companies – today and in the future. 

The good news continues as South Carolina is right-to-work and employment-at-will, and Kershaw County features a low unionization rate of 1.0%.  Our workers will work with you to meet the challenges and opportunities faced in today’s every changing global markets. 

Community Profile 2023 

Population Growth Chart data 1970 - 34,727 1980 - 39,015 1990 - 43,599 2000 - 52,647 2010 - 60,370 2020 - 67,700 2030 - 74,810 Commuting Patterns Chart data Out-Commuters - 25,766 Live and work in county - 12,730 In-Commuters - 18,162 Drive Time Population Chart data 30 mins - 166,007 45 mins - 655,505 60 mins - 1,109,785


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